Manual Note-taking

Manual Notes are an accurate handwritten summary of what is said at an event. They are written in English and are not a word-for-word record (it is not possible to hand-write a verbatim account). The client can read the notes after the event.


Manual Note-takers can work in many different locations, and whilst a suitable table to work on is best, we can work in other situations e.g. outside on a field trip.

Manual notes have different uses. They are suitable for Deaf people who are watching an Interpreter which usually means they cannot write their own notes. Manual notes are used widely in education for students with a whole range of disabilities.

One advantage of manual notes is that diagrams, graphs, charts etc. can be easily incorporated by the Note-taker and any handouts, slides etc can be annotated.

Some Manual Note-takers are able to type up the handwritten notes after the event.

Qualified and registered Note-takers are bound by Codes of Practice and Ethics. They will be impartial and will maintain confidentiality. They will remain unobtrusive and will not take part in the session.

See the section on Note-taking for more details of What Manual Note-takers do.