Terms and Conditions


• When a booking is confirmed the person making the booking acknowledges and accepts the Terms and Conditions and Fees and Charges and is prepared to commit to the booking.

• The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring that all details are correct

• For bookings of over three hours a co worker will be required unless adequate breaks are guaranteed (by agreement before the assignment begins).

• In the event of overrun extra charges may be made.

• It might be useful to read What do Manual Note-takers do? http://www.pennyclarke.com/what-is-manual-note-taking/ Please read this if you are making a booking for the first time.


• Fees are available on request.

• Charges are for an hour or part hour.

• Bookings are for a minimum 2 hours.

• Travel time and expenses may be charged. This will be discussed at the time of booking.

• Charges will apply to the hours booked even if the event finishes before the booked finish time.


• No liability is accepted if the note-taker is unable to attend the assignment due to
unavoidable circumstances. In this event the person who made the booking will be notified as soon as possible. All reasonable attempts will be made to find a suitably qualified replacement.

• If the booking is cancelled by the person who made the booking cancellation fees will be invoiced as follows:

Up to and including 14 days’ notice – no charge
8-13 days’ notice – half fee
7 days or less – full fee

• If a booking is significantly amended so that the date, time or venue are changed, it is possible that this will be treated as a cancellation and a new booking created.


• Please send any available preparation such as briefing information, agenda, minutes, notes, presentations, handouts, scripts and so on at least 3 working days before an assignment unless the assignment is short notice, in which case alternative arrangements should be made.

• All preparation will be kept confidential.

The Assignment:

• A briefing time of 10 minutes before the event begins is helpful to clarify the role of the note-taker.

• The work area – a suitable table and chair should be placed where the notetaker can hear well and see any projector screen, flip chart etc.

• The notes taken are a precise summary and not a word for word account.

• The notes are normally given to the client at the end of the assignment or they can be taken away and typed up later (an extra charge could apply for this service).

• For professional development reasons a request may be made for copies of the notes to be made. This will not happen unless permission is given by the client.

• If a client fails to arrive for the start time of an assignment the Notetaker will wait for 20 minutes unless the client contacts the Notetaker to discuss an alternative.


• Feedback is always appreciated from any assignment; this helps to monitor the standards of the service provided.

• A feedback/contact form is available on the website or one may be given for the person who made the booking and/or the client to complete.


• All invoices will be sent to the person who made the booking, normally within 7 days of the assignment date.

• The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring that payment of all invoices is made.

• The total amount payable must be paid in full within 28 days of the invoice date.

• In the event of failure to make payment by the agreed due date a late payment fee may be charged.

Complaints Procedure:

• All registered note-takers have agreed to abide by Codes of Practice. These cover important areas such as confidentiality, impartiality and professional conduct. Any problems arising can usually be resolved by direct discussion with the note-taker on the day of the assignment.

• If a direct complaint is not felt to be appropriate, then contact should be made with the registration body.

• All complaints should be made in writing unless resolved by direct discussion with the note-taker.

Privacy Statement:

• Your details will not be passed or sold to anyone else for marketing or mailing purposes.

• Occasionally you may receive an email newsletter. If you do not wish to receive further editions, please use the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link at the foot of one of the newsletters you have received.